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1. What do I get for my membership?

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1. When does the membership year start?

The LifeCanada membership year is from September 1 to August 31. Membership renewal fees are due September 1. 

2. What if it is past September 01?

Not to worry! LifeCanada gives our current members a 2 month grace period for renewal. After November 01, a $35 admin fee applies (waived for new groups). Only PAID members after November 1 are eligible for membership discounts and privileges and can vote at the Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM).

3. What type of membership should I get and what are my fees?

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4. Am I able to vote at the AGM?

Only PAID Class A members of LifeCanada may vote at the LifeCanada Annual General Meeting in November. See Q. 3 for your group's category of membership.

5. I want to become a member or renew. Now what?

Download a membership form (due September 01) here and mail it with your fees to PO Box 138; Carleton Place, ON; K7C 3P3, or become a member/renew online below.

More questions? Contact Anastasia at or 1-866-780-5433, x2.


Membership Types and Fees 

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Class A (voting) membership:

    Associate Member (Local educational pro-life organizations with registered charity status.)

    Affiliate Member    (Local educational pro-life organizations without registered charity status.)

    Fees:     No. of members  x $5.00  OR for organizations without paying members: 1.5% of your gross revenues ($1500 Max.)

    Provincial membership (Provincial educational pro-life organizations) - Fee: $1000

Class B (non-voting) Supporting Organization membership (Any group that is NOT a local, educational pro-life group e.g., religious, national, political and other organizations) - Fee: $75.

Please note: A $35 admin. fee applies for fees received after NOV.1, 2020

Membership Privileges and Benefits

I. Class A Provincial Membership

Fees:      $1000


  1. One representative on LifeCanada board (Ontario: 3), per term
  2. Director and Liability Insurance - one LifeCanada board member
  3. Voting privileges at AGM - one vote (Ontario: 3)
  4. Excellent educational materials (40% discount)
  5. Exceptionally well produced and coordinated national media campaigns (campaign design files are FREE to members)
  6. The national web platform:
  7. LifeCanada’s members only annual publication, The Insider
  8. LifeCanada’s National Polling
  9. Complimentary annual subscription to Reflections Magazine
  10. Discount on Reflections Magazine subscription for group’s members
  11. Webinars and on-line training with leaders in the movement
  12. Professional on-line training series (e.g., strategic planning, fundraising etc.) - Discounts apply
  13. The National Pro-Life Conference
  14. Discounts and access to LifeCanada’s Dying Healed Program
  15. Participation in LifeCanada’s Quarterly Conference Calls with member groups


II. Class A Local (Affiliate or Associate) Membership

Fees: $5 per PAID member of the local group’s organization or for groups without a paying membership,1.5% of gross revenues to a maximum of $1500. 


  1. One nomination of provincial representative on LifeCanada board, per term
  2. Items 2-15.


III. Class B Supporting Group Membership

Fees: $75 (National, political or other organizations that are NOT local pro-life educational groups, i.e., churches, CPCs CWL etc.)


  1. Items 4-15.



2 ways to Renew or Become a Member:

1. Download your membership form (due September 01) here and mail with fees to PO Box 138; Carleton Place, ON; K7C 3P3

OR 2. Renew online below.

(Click here for a helpful visual of membership types and fees.)


  • Membership - Affiliate

    Affiliate Member - Local pro-life educational organizations WITHOUT charitable status.

    Fee: $5/PAID member of your group or 1.5% of gross revenues up to $1500 for groups without paying members.

  • Membership - Associate

    Associate Member - Local pro-life educational organizations WITH charitable status.

    Fee: $5/PAID member of your group or 1.5% of gross revenues up to $1500 for groups without paying members.

  • Membership - Provincial

    Provincial membership - Provincial educational pro-life organizations.

    Fee: $1000

  • Membership - Supporting

    Supporting Member - National, political or other organizations which are not local or provincial educational pro-life groups. (e.g., Diocesan, religious or political group)

    Fee: $75