LifeCanada Virtual Gala


Join us for a fun-filled evening to help advance pro-life values coast-to-coast in Canada. One hour. To help precious lives. 


This is a FREE event. However, registration is required. 

If you are not able to attend, you can still DONATE HERE to support our efforts for the cause of LIFE

Saturday November 21 at 8 pm -9 pm ET
Natalie Sonnen · · 1-866-780-5433
Gary Omeara Joanne Mcmurray Gary & Shirley Christo David Darwin Judy Regnier Marilyn Gay Garvey Rob Hennessey Sr. Cecile LeBlanc Margaret Barry Bill Arsenault Audra Pagano David Klassen Terri Bergen Alfred Cannon James Willick Marie Feely Audrey Lemieux Ingrid Eggerman Frank & Veronica Santoro Lisa Bonner Pennie Vandenbroek Marilynn Light Donna Reid Mario Tancredi Anne Pinkoski Rod Taylor Marguerite Watkins Teresa Leonard Richard Langtry Grace Marciniak Deborah Van Ember Michelle Sealy Wayne Shepard Brenda Vroom Marlon Bartram Linda Van DenHoven Peter and Suzie Ryan Joan Webb Laura Anderson Paul Mackey Caroline Fung Lisa Smith Christine Quigley Florence Paquette Cathy Bridson Cecilia Schaubroeck Eileen Sheldrick Cheryl Semrau