Six years ago I was rudely surprised when a close friend, Martha, revealed her opposition to my pro-life views. I had sent a letter to her outlining my views, and it was then that she informed me that she not only disapproved, but even supported and had counselled women to have abortions.

I was stunned because Martha and I shared a Christian background and we often discussed scripture. For many months we conversed on the topic and in the end agreed to disagree. 

Motion 312 Defeat Unifies Pro-Life Canaidans

As Motion 312 met with defeat on Wednesday, September 26th in Parliament, many pro-life Canadians felt not disappointment, but optimism. Motion 312 was voted against 203 to 91, with 87 of those votes coming from the Conservative party. Surprisingly, one third of cabinet ministers voted in favour of this motion, against Mr. Harper’s advice. 


In this interview, we speak with Mike Schouten, Campaign Director of Mike lives in the Surrey, B.C. with his wife of 16 years and is the father of six children ages 1-15.

What is the campaign?

It is a national campaign with a mission to build a groundswell of support for federal legislation that restricts abortion to the greatest extent possible.

The silence is deafening.  Every year that abortion statistics have been released there has been some commentary in the mainstream news media.  When the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released its 2010 figures last week, citing 64,641 abortions – a 40% decrease since 2004, there was not a peep.

Government Committee Pushes Patient-Killing

Reading the pro-euthanasia recommendations of the Quebec National Assembly’s Select Committee on Dying with Dignity, I was reminded of Martin Luther’s oft misunderstood proposal to “sin boldly.”1 Euthanasia is illegal in Canada. A more typically Canadian middle-of-the-road approach to changing the status quo might have been more “thin end of the wedge” style: first call for a little decriminalization, then see if the door opens wider. Not here.

If we’re going to use a wedge, the committee seems to say, thick end is fine. If we’re going to cross the Rubicon to kill the elderly, sick and disabled, let’s do it with gusto! Sin boldly or not at all.