The most recent known statistics (2008) indicate that more than 2/3 of Canadian abortions are performed on teens and women less than 29 years of age, with 20 – 24 year olds having the majority of abortions. However, due to underreporting, it is difficult to determine exact figures. In Canada, the number of abortions performed annually is believed to be in excess of 100,000. Ontario is traditionally thought to have close to half of the country’s abortions with the most recent statistics suggesting about 51,000 abortions are performed in the province each year.

LifeCanada develops initiatives focusing on the abortion-minded woman aged 18 -29 with content built around the already-developed profiles of income, education level, social habits, and health considerations. Initiatives makes effective use of social media and interactive websites as well as targeted use of traditional advertising and resource distribution. LifeCanada has established that the most effective method for traditional advertising and resource distribution is through its network of existing organizations across the country. With 69 member and over 100 non-member groups and a significant number of other organizations, most major urban populations can be reached.

LifeCanada has had an extensive history in the media over the past decade.



LifeCanada pursues national educational projects on euthanasia which highlight the risks legalized euthanasia pose to the vulnerable. Polling data suggests there is considerable confusion in the public domain when it comes to end-of-life issues. Many Canadians are unsure of terminology; unaware of effective pain management regimes; and generally lack knowledge of the issue based on fact.


Emerging Issues

LifeCanada investigates issues relating to stem cell research, reproductive technologies, eugenics, sexually transmitted diseases and vaccine use. Educational activities in these areas will depend directly on the availability of resources to be directed to these issues.  Our Special Reports are developed on a semi annual basis to address these issues.